Just how beautiful is autumn? The maple and hickory trees have been showing out in my neighborhood! As we welcome the changing of the seasons, the falling leaves, and shorter days think on this: spring will be here all too soon. What will you do next year to learn more about gardening in the Southeastern states? What educational events will provide information to help you do a better job taking care of your own landscape, your community, your state? Learning from those who know, those with experience, is your best strategy.

The South Georgia Native Plant & Wildflower Symposium (SGNPWS), the recipient of the 2014 Outstanding Education Award from the Georgia Urban Forest Council, is held at UGA’s Tifton Campus each year. This will be the 15th year of great presentations from regional experts on timely topics. Mark your calendar now for Wednesday March 25, 2015. Topics for the day will be selecting native trees, bog gardening in wet areas, and exploring the many reasons to include native plants in the home landscape. Come and be prepared to learn something to take back to your home and your community. Visit here often for more information.

Mark your calendar and set your GPS for 2355 Rainwater Road, Tifton. NESPAL - the original location for the SGNPWS - will be an excellent place to gather with old - and new- friends, to share ideas and to be encouraged by avid and experienced gardeners. See you in Tifton!


Information of interest:

Be sure to visit the Archives for a brief description of past presentations. The plant lists are there also, with a link to description sheets.

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