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Oh, the lovely native azalea!

The native azaleas of the southern states are some of the most beautiful flowering plants available for the landscape. Plantsman Fred Galle (Director of Horticulture at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia, from June 1953 until December 1979) put it quite simply when he described them as “our most attractive plants.”

What’s not to love? The thirteen species that are native to Georgia have flower displays from iridescent white to deep red, with much yellow, orange, pink, and rose in between. Long stamens protruding from the tubular flowers add interest, and perhaps aid hybridization among species. Since most species flower prior to the leaves emerging, the show is even more spectacular. And the fragrance….heavenly.

Surely your southern garden could benefit from the addition of one – or more!- of the lovely native azaleas!

Plants will be available at the symposium. Please join us for a very special day – March 22, 2017 – at Southern Regional Technical College, just off I-75, exit 59.

New Location for 2017

The 2017 symposium will be held at Southern Regional Technical College. The address is 52 Tech Drive, Tifton. Please see the directions page for maps of the area and a drawing of the college.

New starting time also: the first speaker will begin at 9:30.


Take a look around your community. Is there a place where native plants make up most of the landscape? A landscape designed to showcase native plant species. Please tell us about it! The Native Landscape Award is presented to a business or organization that has been intentional about creating and maintaining a beautiful landscape of native, or nearly all native, plants.

Or, if you know of a landscape designer or landscape company committed to including native plants, in the proper place, we would like to hear about them.

  • So take a look around, and find someone “doing natives right!”
  • Go to the awards nomination page and share that information with us.
Thank you!

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If you are reading this, you are welcome to attend the event!

South Georgia Native Plant & Wildflower Symposium (SGNPWS) is co-sponsored by University of Georgia College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences and Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., Camellia District AND is open to anyone desiring to learn more about native plants and their importance and place in the natural environment and the constructed landscape.

Please come! And invite your friends! Plan for a “table for eight” and receive a discount of $5 each. (Even if four of you have already registered, enlist four more. Then you could allow the 8th person to come at no charge OR you will receive the discount as a group. ) Contact Glenda Gibbs or Amy Carter for details.

The plant list is available now on the plant sale page!